Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Cleopatra Plus Video Slot Review By IGT

Cleopatra Plus Video Slot Review By IGT

Cleopatra Plus video slot is available at MrGreen Casino
and powered by IGT Gaming. This online video slot has 5 reels,
3 rows and 40 paylines and is available on desktop, mobile and
tablet devices.


Like the original video slot Cleopatra, this game is set in ancient
Egypt and features Cleopatra. The graphics are stunning in this
slot and feature Egyptian symbols such as Ra, Anubis and Cleopatra
Plus logo, followers, which are the bonus symbols, Cleopatra, which
is the wild symbol and numerals.

There is a level up plus feature where the more you play the
more you can increase the payback of your game play and allowing
you to unlock new features. To level up you need to collect
followers, the initial level is Chosen by Aset and you have the
Alexandria bonus map available. You will be awarded 1 follower
per bonus symbol that appears on the reels.

When you have collected 50 followers you can level up to the
Heart of Aset. When you reach that level you will unlock the Nile
River Valley bonus map. Level 3 is the Aset is Pleased and needs
120 followers and unlocks a new follower symbol. Level 4 is the
Beautiful Desire of Aset and needs 200 followers and unlocks 3
new deities. Level 5 is the Eternal Strength of Aset and needs
350 followers and unlocks another follower.

Level 6 is Everlasting Light of Aset and needs 600 followers and
unlocks the last spin multiplier feature. Level 7 is the Gordon Face
of Aset and needs 900 followers and unlocks the pyramids of Giza
bonus map. Level 8 is the Glorious Soul of Aset and needs 1,250
followers and unlocks the super spin feature.

The Cleopatra, which is the wild symbol substitutes for all symbols
except for the followers symbols. If one or more wild symbols
substitute in a win the prize will be doubled. The wild symbols
may appear in stacks of 2, 3, 6 or 10 symbols. The stack size is
determined at random. Three, four or five of any combination
of the followers symbols will trigger the free spins feature with
a number of followers to place in the bonus map.

You can choose to place your followers in Alexandria, Nile River
Valley or the Pyramids of Giza. Not all maps are available at all
levels. All bonus maps have the same expected payback with one
exception. On levels 7-8 your best choice is the Pyramids of Giza
if you trigger the bonus within 6 or more followers.

When the bonus is triggered you are awarded with 5 free spins and
a 1 times multiplier. Each bonus map has a number of locations
where you can place your followers. You can just press a location
to place them. You can place them in the same location or you can
choose to spread them around the locations.

When the followers are on the location, the awards will be revealed.
They can be free spins, free spins multiplier, an initial bonus, a last
spin multiplier of a number of super spins. Free spins are played with
the multiplier earned in the bonus map. The feature cannot be

The last spin multiplier is a multiplier for the last free spin only and
replaces the previous free spins multiplier. Super spins are played
after all regular free spins are complete and use the same multiplier.
Super spin and last spin multiplier features are not available in the
same bonus.

I enjoyed playing this video slot and collecting followers but I did
find it hard to understand all the rules. Even though I loved the
graphics I do not think I would play the game again.

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