Thursday, November 19, 2015

Bubble Craze Video Slot Review By IGT

Bubble Craze Video Slot Review By IGT

Bubble Craze video slot is available at Moneygaming Casino
and powered by IGT Gaming. This online video slot features bubbles,
bubbles and more bubbles. There are no paylines instead any group
of four or more matching adjacent bubbles will give you a win. The
group may be any shape and may appear anywhere.


You can win with up to 19 matching bubbles and up to four different
bubble colours. The different coloured bubbles are silver, red, orange,
yellow, green, blue, purple and brown. As well as having different colours
there are special bubbles, there are multiplier bubbles, a transform
bubble and bonus bubbles.

There are two different multiplier bubbles, 2 and 5, these will multiply
your winning combination by 2 times or 5 times. If there is more than
one multiplier in a winning combination only the highest one will be

The transform bubble will transform all adjacent bubbles to the same
colour as itself. If you have multiple transform bubbles in the same
spin they will be transformed to the one colour.

Three bonus bubbles will trigger the free spins feature and
five free spins will be awarded. The bonus scatter bubbles only appear
in the centre of the top row, the centre of the middle row and the centre
of the bottom row. It makes no difference if they are the same or different
colour. Every free spin is a guaranteed winner and free spins have
more transform and multiplier bubbles. The free spins feature cannot be

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